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Kitting Technologies for the mobile phone industry
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Kitting Technologies for the

mobile phone industry

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The majority of our products are packaged for mobile telephone networks. These are broadly split into three product fields:

Blister Packaging:

SIM cards are packed together with printed material, into pre formed blister packs, which are securely welded closed using high frequency welding machinery. The blister packs can be customized in terms of size and shape, even to the extent that the company’s logos can be formed into the blister. The end product is a durable and fairly weather resistant pack, ideal for sale in harsh African environments that they are destined for.


Economies mean that pricing is key. The cheapest and quickest manner of packaging remains flow-wrapping, where high speed automation replaces some of the manual processes involved in the other types of SIM packs produced. The packs can be flow-wrapped in strings or singly, the most popular remains a strip of 10 SIM packs. In addition, we have the ability to over wrap these strings of packs, giving the customer even more piece of mind that the inner packs can in no way have been tampered with.


Full ISO sized, half sized and quarter sized SIM cards are catered for, and packed in sturdy card envelopes, which are custom printed and branded with the networks logos. With pressures on reducing our impact on the environment, more and more countries are trying to minimize the use of plastic based packaging, with the result that several networks now opt for this style of packaging.

All of the above are packaged in customized shipping cartons, loaded into bulk crates or onto pallets, and labelled according to customers’ specifications.

Kitting Technologies for the mobile phone industry